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domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Manifesto - 1979

1- Manifesto" (Ferry/Manzanera)
I am for a life around the corner
That takes you by surprise
That comes leaves all you need
And more besides
I am for a life and time by numbers
Blast in fast 'n' low
Add 'em up, account for luck
You never know
I am into friendship and plain sailing
Through frenzied ports o' call
O shake the hand to beat the band
With love is all
Or nothing to the man who wants tomorrow
There's one in every town
A crazy guy, he'd rather die
Than be tied down
I am for the man who drives the hammer
To rock you 'til the grave
His power drill shocks
A million miles away
I am for the revolution's coming
I don't know where she's been
For those who dare because it's there
I know I've seen
Now and then I've suffered imperfection
I've studied marble flaws
And faces drawn pale and worn
By many tears
I am that I am from out of nowhere
to fight without a cause
Roots strain against the grain
With brute force you'd better
Hold out when you're in doubt
Question what you see
And when you find an answer
Bring it home to me.

2- Trash" (Ferry/Manzanera)

Are you customised or ready-made'
Heavy metal trick or treat'
Only seventeen
On the level trash is neat
Teenage fever oh you've got it bad
Caught the flavour want it all
Only seventeen
Bet you know the trash I mean
Row your features into magazines
Go to Plaza - where's the trade'
Only seventeen
Slips are lower trash is in

3- Angel Eyes" (Ferry/Mackay)

Angel eyes - am I deceived or did you sigh'
For all I know you let you love light
Shine on me
Angel eyes - you never close, who's got the time'
I can wait until your love light
Shine on me
Angel eyes - seems to me you fill the skies
I'm far below so let your love light
Shine on me
Angel eyes - on the wing and open wide
No matter how high the moon
Shine down on me

4- Still Falls The Rain" (Ferry/Manzanera)

Dear Hyde -
No more can I
Explain, I've tried
With words in vain
They pass you by
Like falling rain
From perfect skies
Still falls the rain
Hey brother don't be square
Here it is not over there
I'm your man - I've got it made
You need my fire you need my shade
You're here Hyde -
Once more inspire
This strangely tied
Uncertain frame
So torn inside
Still falls the rain
Two minds, one vein
Still falls the rain
Hey doctor don't be scared
It's you and me so where's my share'
I'm the man just move aside
Call me mister call me Hyde
Hey lover don't be shy
I'm a single minded guy
Better watch me - boy I'm rough
Half a man ain't strong enough
Hey brother don't be square
Here it is not over there
I'm your man - I've got it made
You feed my fire you need my shade

5- Stronger Through The Years"  (Ferry)

Through the undercover hour
Bad and bleak
To be brief - too much sorrow
And flesh is weak
No more feelings
No more tears
The river's wide enough
Flowing stronger through the years
Silver lips - kisses borrowed
Glances steal
To quick - how they quiver
Too late they're sealed
No more feelings
No more tears
The river's wide enough
Flowing stronger through the years

6- Ain't That So" (Ferry)

I've been around
So far it seems
Too bad the blues
Blew my schemes
Such sweet surprise
In southern heat
Or northern skies
Ain't that so
Shadows cling
Where shutters close
Who can tell
Heaven knows
Why some can laugh
And some can sing
Stand in line
Or get on down and swing
Ain't that so
Cross the street
who's ringing bells'
Peeling walls
Of cheap hotels
Neon flare
A sudden chill
And there you lie
And time stands still
Ain't that so

7- My Little Girl" (Ferry/Manzanera)

Walking home tonight
It came as no surprise
Certain parties making out
Before my eyes
My little girl
Or woman of the world
There's a small cafe
Where lovers take their time
It's good for rainy days
Too bad the weather's fine
My little girl
Or woman of the world
What's the story'
True to life or just a lie
See you later -
What's so new about goodbye'
My little girl
Or woman of the world

8- Dance Away" (Ferry)

Yesterday - well it seemed so cool
When I walked you home, kissed goodnight
I said "it's love" you said "all right"
It's funny how I could never cry
Until tonight and you pass by
Hand in hand with another guy
You're dressed to kill and guess who's dying'
Dance away the heartache
Dance away the tears
- Dance away
Loneliness is a crowded room
Full of open hearts turned to stone
All together all alone
All at once my whole world had changed
Now I'm in the dark, off the wall
Let the strobe light up them all
I close my eyes and dance till dawn
- Dance away
Now I know I must walk the line
Until I find an open door
There was I - many times a fool
I hope and pray, but not too much
Out of reach is out of touch
All the way is far enough
- Dance away

9- Cry, Cry, Cry" (Ferry)
Are you ready for bad blood'
I've got my share
I'm sick of them sweet sweet nothings
Oh! In my ear
Ain't funny I'm the honey
All your money just can't buy
So baby you can cry cry cry
Now the last laugh is mine
You ready for hot stuff'
Be prepared
I'm sick of your cheap cheap hustle
Oh! Don't cha dare
Let us pray the lord have mercy
On your mercenary mind
'Cause even if you cry cry cry
Your heart out
I won't be kind
Are you ready for good times'
Hard to bear!
You're steppin' on holy ground
Hold it there!
I'm fading out your hologram -
A phoney toothpaste smile
Remember when you cry cry cry
Your heart out
I did mine

10- Spin Me Round" (Ferry)

Now the ballroom's empty
Everybody I have known
Has been and gone
With the music over
Here am I
A shadow echoing on
Spin me round...
Now there must be something
In what they say of all things
Great and small
There's dozen roses
Lying almost dying
To say all
Spin me round...
A nether world dancing toy
I'm wired for sound
Does it matter to me
Who turns the key'
Now if life is for living
Then the way is clear
But I don't understand
Why the dream has ended
Yet I can't wake up
Lend a hand -
Spin a round...

photographed by Hollister Lowe

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